Air Cushion Technology

Shockproof corners make your phone impact resistant from all sides on a drop.

Military Grade & Slim Design

360-degree protection to your device while maintaining its slim profile

Carbon Fibre Texture

To enhance the looks of your phone and make your phone stand out.

Environment Friendly


I just bought True Wirless Earbuds because I always buy Kapaver mobile cases and I was knowing that Kapaver is So Genuine and has a feel luxury of a brand as the quality of their covers is too good. So I bought this earbuds and found that they are also so good in ears..For the price asked this earbud is luxurious...

by Gaurav Singh

I have been using a Kapaver case with my Oneplus 3T for more than 3 years and when I recently upgraded to a 7T, it was a no-brainer to stick with the same brand. The case looks premium on the phone and is quite rugged. 

by Vishy

Before buying this back cover for my one plus 7t, I had purchased 4 covers of different brands. Each time I ended up returning the product because I felt something is missing. But after receiving Kapaver, I really felt satisfying due to the quality. 

by Ashish Bhagat

Today for the first time the iPhone X tumbled down a flight of around 10 stairs. The case is so good that even the screen guard escaped without one scratch. This is proof of the quality and protection of the case.

by Abhishek M

I have been using kapaver since 2016. First on one plus 3 it's good till now. Then I have bought this case for iPhone x, and it's fantastic. Buy a Kapaver case and you don't need another one for your phone

by Shreyas Rathore

Awesome Product. Accidentally dropped iPhone many times but cover saved my iPhone from damages. Thanks for such a good quality product at a low price. I suggest this cover for every phone.

by Vitthal Bobade

Wireless Charges

Easily eliminate hassle with fast 9V power-efficient wireless charging that allows immediate and convenient access to fast recharge speed without tangled cords, bumping ports, or attaching cables every time you want to charge your device.

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